1. FANCY BEAR Continues Credential-Phishing Campaigns Against Ukrainian Targets

    On 15 March 2022, CrowdStrike Intelligence provided an update on FANCY BEAR credential phishing campaigns designed to target Ukr[.]net webmail service users (CSA-220282). After the Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA) disclosed FANCY BEAR’s infrastructure on 7 March 2022, the adversary updated its credential-phishing Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) by discarding the s…Read More

  2. Anonymous declared a ‘cyber war’ against Russia. Here are the results

    More than three weeks ago, a popular Twitter account named “Anonymous” declared that the shadowy activist group was waging a “cyber war” against Russia. Since then, the account — which has more than 7.9 million followers, with some 500,000 gained since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — has claimed responsibility for disabling prominent Russian government, news, and corporate websites an…Read More


    The CISA and the FBI issued a joint alert Saturday warning that the two “wiper” strains that attacked Ukrainian enterprises could affect US businesses. Wipers are akin to Ransomware attacks, but the goal is not to obtain money as random but to erase critical data and disrupt systems.…Read More


    ThreatFabric researchers recently sniffed out 300,000 banking trojan infections in Google Play during a four-month period. Overall cyberattacks against mobile users have declined drastically in 2022, but the level of sophistication of each has significantly increased. Be sure all mobile applications downloaded are legitimate and verified, especially on devices that join corporate networks.  …Read More

  5. John Acosta of VTech Dealer IT speaks w/ Stephen Heath of Torchlight (NEW GLBA RULES FOR DEALERS)

      John Acosta CEO of VTech Dealer IT speaks with Stephen Heath CTO at Torchlight about the new FTC safeguard rules for dealers and vendors. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently revised the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) Safeguards Rule, in response to years of widespread data breaches and cyberattacks that have significantly harmed consumers (e.g., monetary loss, identity theft, etc.). …Read More

  6. John Acosta and Paul Jensen joins TimTalks (FTC GLBA Safeguard Rules for Dealerships)

    CarNow's Tim Cox is joined by John Acosta, CEO at VTech Dealer I.T., and Paul Jensen, Operations Manager at Qvale Auto Group, for an exciting and informative conversation. They discuss the new safeguards put out by the FTC, how dealerships can remain compliant with recent updates to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), and other ways to ensure your dealership operations are secure.…Read More

  7. CISA Adds 15 Known Exploited Vulnerabilities to Catalog

    CISA has added 15 new vulnerabilities to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog, based on evidence that threat actors are actively exploiting. These types of vulnerabilities are a frequent attack vector for malicious cyber actors of all types and pose a significant risk to the federal enterprise. Click to read the full article.…Read More

  8. BotenaGo strikes again – malware source code uploaded to GitHub

    Recently, BotenaGo source code was uploaded to GitHub, potentially leading to a significant rise of new malware variants. Since the release of that information, the popularity of Mirai has increased dramatically. The Mirai botnet targets mostly routers and IoT devices and supports different architectures including Linux x64, different ARM versions, MIPS, PowerPC, and more. Since the Mirai botnet c…Read More