1. New Malvertising Campaigns Spreading Backdoors, Malicious Chrome Extensions

      A series of malicious campaigns have been leveraging fake installers of popular apps and games such as Viber, WeChat, NoxPlayer, and Battlefield as a lure to trick users into downloading a new backdoor and an undocumented malicious Google Chrome extension with the goal of stealing credentials and data stored in the compromised systems as well as maintaining persistent remote access. Click to se…Read More

  2. VMware Patches File Read, SSRF Vulnerabilities in vCenter Server

    VMware on Tuesday, November 23rd informed customers about the availability of patches for arbitrary file read and server-side request forgery (SSRF) vulnerabilities affecting its vCenter Server product. See the full article here: https://www.securityweek.com/vmware-patches-file-read-ssrf-vulnerabilities-vcenter-server…Read More

  3. Line of cars in a dealership garage

    IT Services For Your Auto Dealership

    When it comes to information technology (IT), we know that one size certainly does not fit all, especially when it comes to auto dealerships. Your average IT service simply doesn’t understand the ins and outs of the automotive industry like we do. We know firsthand what matters in car dealerships, which is why our executive team decided to combine over 35 years’ worth of experience into a spec…Read More

  4. Dealer Tech Bulletin: Voice Phishing

    Our CEO, John Acosta, gives another Dealer Tech Bulletin to keep dealerships informed of the important, urgent, or upcoming opportunities and threats to their business. Today's topic: voice phishing.  The FBI and the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency have recently issued a warning about a growing threat of phishing attacks against companies. Vishing, which is voice phishing, is a socia…Read More

  5. Is Amazon Cars the end of dealerships?

    We saw something interesting the other day - Amazon now shows brand-new vehicles on their site - with the usual Amazon features like showing reviews and price (in this case, they show MSRP). But you’re not really buying from Amazon - they simply direct you to the OEM website and create leads for them. Even though Amazon is just a bridge to the manufacturer's site then eventually to the dealer’…Read More

  6. Phishing and Social Engineering Attacks on Car Dealerships

    Car dealerships and automotive retailers are hot targets for phishing and social engineering attacks. The biggest vulnerability isn’t your technology setup or passwords, it’s your staff.  If your staff isn’t trained on how to identify these attempts, they could hand over sensitive information such as credit card or banking information to hackers.  At VTech Dealer IT, we spend every minute …Read More

  7. Top Tech Dangers at a Dealership

    There are two major tech dangers that a car dealership faces every day. Each one is completely preventable and will end up saving you valuable time and money - a single incident can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’re not exaggerating - dealerships are top targets for cybercriminals because they carry customer Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and handle payments. Phi…Read More

  8. Has Dealership Tech Support Gone The Way of the Dodo? A Quick History of Dealership IT – ADP and CDK Support

    If you haven’t been in the business for a while, the average person would not know that the top dealership software for many years was ADP (Automatic Data Processing).    Their customer support and service was outstanding and an entity of its own so they spun this service off and renamed it CDK.    Some of us of a certain vintage will remember when they used to put servers inside you…Read More

  9. From Reactive to Proactive – Tracy Chevrolet in Tracy, CA [CASE STUDY]

    When new regulations for consumer security rolled out in California, Mike Walsh of Tracy Chevrolet in Tracy, CA knew that his existing IT structure needed an upgrade. Tracy Chevrolet was faced with the need to install a comprehensive system in a short amount of time - and without  sinking needless resources into the project. But with something as complex as information security, how can an indivi…Read More