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    When the Worst Hits, Who Do You Call? [CASE STUDY]

    Midland Motors Starts Selling Less Than 1 Week After Devastating Fire The Challenge It’s 7 A.M. on a Saturday - the morning of your biggest day of the week. The phone rings...  It’s the General Manager in Texas and he tells you that there was a fire last night, and that half your dealership has burned down. What do you do next?  This nightmare scenario came true for our client, Midland Motor…Read More

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    Are You Attracting the Right Partner?

    This might sound like a headline out of a cashier line magazine at your local supermarket, but it will apply across the board. The ancient notion that people can, and will, leave their personal issues at the door is a notion from a time long passed. This is the era of the whole person concept. That means the good and the bad. How many talented people have you come across, that keep attracting the …Read More

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    A Dealership Technologist?… You May Want One

    Do you have a Dealer Technologist? Do you know what a Dealer Technologist is? I’m not talking about your Vehicle Technologist- the person that knows how all the new gadgets and gizmos on your new year vehicles work or your IT Director; they know how to fix computers. I’m talking about a Dealership Technologist. Well, you probably need one because you are throwing your money away. I know that i…Read More