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Auto Dealership IT Services

Your go-to information technology company serving the entire automotive and power sports retail industry. Let dealership technologists handle the IT while you get back to serving your customers. 

Dealership Helpdesk
Network Support
Cyber Security
Cloud Hosting
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Let VTech Dealer IT Serve You

At VTech Dealer IT, we are a managed service provider (MSP) company that works exclusively with automotive dealerships. More than a simple IT service company, we also have years of experience in the auto industry and are familiar with the particular IT needs, governing regulations, and software that run your dealership. We understand that in a digital age, network crashes mean much more than an inconvenience and can cost you the sale. Don’t tolerate slow processing speeds, data loss, or frequent system downtimes. Partner with an IT company you can trust — VTech.

Dealership IT Helpdesk

When your network slows or your data storage system crashes, you can’t wait until Monday morning to reach out to an IT company that will schedule an appointment for you. You need assistance NOW. Dealerships and groups are open at the public’s convenience, and you can’t afford downtime on the showroom floor. Get the IT support you need, when you need it. VTech Dealer IT offers 24-hour assistance, available 365 days a year, remotely or on-site. Keep our dealership helpdesk in your back pocket. We'll be there to save the day.

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Auto Dealership Network Support

Do you know how your dealership's infrastructure works? If you answered no, that’s okay — it’s not your job to, it’s ours. Your job is to run your dealership and make sales. Let us handle the technical systems. At VTech, our dealership technologists can manage your network to ensure it runs smoothly. Additionally, we will monitor your network continuously to identify issues before they become problems, provide updates, and offer seamless connectivity. To allow you to work without worry, we guarantee security compliance and offer access management to keep information limited to those who need it. You can rest assured your network is in good hands with VTech IT.

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Cybersecurity Protection

There is nothing that will keep you up at night more than the fear of your company and customer data being compromised. Dealerships are required to retain personal financial information and a single leak could destroy the reputation of your group, as well as result in regulatory fines. Additionally, with digital records and virtual administration, downtime and hackers pose a real threat to daily operations and the financial stability of your dealership. At VTech Dealer IT, our dealership technologists take the security of your information and network seriously. With a proactive approach and up-to-date monitoring and protection services, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

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Data Backup Solutions

Increase the processing speed of your dealership network and gain the ability to access secure information anywhere with cloud hosting services. Take advantage of superior protection and data recovery with backup solutions for the data stored in the cloud. Securely save thousands of files without clogging your onsite systems and access them quickly and efficiently. Protect your records from structural damage or theft when they are stored in the cloud and protected by VTech's backup services. Learn more about data security and recovery by clicking below.

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Cloud Hosting Services

In 2021, there’s no reason to be sacrificing your office space to accommodate bulky filing cabinets and archaic paper records. Clear up space and save paper by entering the digital world. Keep records for as long as you need to and gain access anywhere you need it, securely. With enterprise cloud backup solutions from VTech, your information is stored in offsite cloud storage, making it more secure and taking up less space at your dealership. Discover the backup solutions and data recovery options we can offer you.

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Dealership Project Management

Whether you are building a brand new dealership from the ground up or you are overhauling an existing dealership, let the dealership technologists at VTech handle the planning, support, design implementation, and quality control measures. We can develop and test the right infrastructure to meet your needs, deploy the active program, and train your employees — not to mention offer ongoing employee training and IT support. Let us help save you time and money by handling the tech details so you can manage your business and sell vehicles. Partner with us today.

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You Don't Have to Worry About IT

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