You’ve sacrificed to make your dealership a success. You have a business plan that makes sense in both the short and the long term. You’ve hired people who are smart, experienced, and ready to hustle. Most importantly, you’ve got vehicles that are attractive, dependable, and ready to sell. Maybe you’re ready, but are you prepared to protect your data if a fire or natural disaster occurs? What about theft or employee sabotage?

To combat situations like these and protect your data, offsite dealership cloud hosting is the key. VTech Dealer IT offers a variety of hosted services to our customers and can protect everything from a few critical servers to entire infrastructure, up to and including your onsite workstations. In a “Hosted Domain” environment, your main authentication and file servers are hosted on a private cloud, which we create in our secure data center. That means all of your data is stored offsite and backed up every 30 minutes. In a cloud computing or “Hosted Desktop” environment, even your workstations are protected and all of your vital data is stored in real-time.

With 99.9% uptime, backups running every 30 minutes which allow excellent continuity planning, governance by every major security compliance (SOX, PCI, HIPPA), and complete staffing and security 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it’s easy to see why VTech is the easy choice. You can feel confident in your network and supported by your IT service company. Get the assurance you need to find peace of mind with dealership cloud hosting services from VTech Dealer IT. For more information, contact us online or by phone today.