Having a quality IT network support team can make or break your car dealership. Without effective maintenance and management, your auto dealership is vulnerable to security breaches and compliance issues, not to mention the risk of losing important customer and business data. 

At VTech Dealer IT, we create custom technology solutions that work for your dealership, wherever you are. We’ve built a company that has the operational maturity, expertise, and resources to secure your network and offer continual upgrades and maintenance.

Network Management

When you outsource your network management to VTech Dealer IT, we’ll take responsibility for keeping your network running smoothly. Our network-certified experts continuously monitor and manage your entire infrastructure, solving problems before they interfere with your daily operations. Leave the networking to us so you can get back to managing your inventory!

Active Network Monitoring

Our network experts continue to monitor your infrastructure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to rapidly detect, troubleshoot, and resolve any issues that might threaten its performance. We continuously monitor connectivity and begin troubleshooting problems immediately. We also provide up-to-date networking diagrams, configurations, and reports so you can rest assured that you and your network are in good hands.

Proactive System Upgrades

Our team provides up-to-date infrastructure assessment reports to assist you in making the right investments for your organization. We take proactive measures to prevent problems rather than reacting to them. We can fully automate the entire process to reduce the impact on your dealership’s productivity.

For all of your network security and support needs, connect with us. You have enough things to worry about with running your dealership. Let us help you cross “network support” off your list of daily responsibilities so you can focus on your company.