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    3 Benefits of Managed IT Services for Auto Dealers

    Managed IT services can provide a number of benefits to auto dealerships, and we will list 3 of the most important ones. These managed IT services can help your dealership operate more smoothly and reduce costs by outsourcing technical support. Customized IT Infrastructure Solutions Vtech Dealer IT can offer you an infrastructure that is custom-built to meet your specific needs. This means that yo…Read More

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    IT Services For Your Auto Dealership

    When it comes to information technology (IT), we know that one size certainly does not fit all, especially when it comes to auto dealerships. Your average IT service simply doesn’t understand the ins and outs of the automotive industry like we do. We know firsthand what matters in car dealerships, which is why our executive team decided to combine over 35 years’ worth of experience into a spec…Read More

  3. Top Dealership Security Breaches and How to Avoid Them

    Auto dealerships are vulnerable to cyberattacks simply because of the nature of the data they collect. Similarly to a financial institution, car dealerships collect, process, and store massive quantities of personal data, including everything it requires to assess credit and procure funding — the same thing criminals are interested in. Cloud-based storage options have helped dealerships leave be…Read More