1. Better preparing the workforce for cybersecurity threats

    Phishing attacks are becoming an increasingly common avenue for threat actors to deploy malware and ransomware. According to one cybersecurity expert, an organization’s first line of defense against these attacks is getting all employees to realize they are high-value targets. Click to read the full article.…Read More

  2. Cybersecurity Trends for 2022

    With the Omicron variant now sweeping through the population at pace and booster jabs well underway, we are expecting 2022 to cement the hybrid working we put in place this year by continuing to work remotely as well as in the office. Click to read the full article.…Read More

  3. 22 cybersecurity statistics to know for 2022

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  4. 5 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2022

    No one could have predicted the sheer chaos the cybersecurity industry would experience over the course of 2021. Record annihilating numbers of ransomware attacks, SolarWinds’ supply chain havoc, and most recently, the discovery of Log4j by…Minecraft gamers. All of it would have sounded too wild for real-life a short year ago. Click to read the full article.…Read More