When it comes to information technology (IT), we know that one size certainly does not fit all, especially when it comes to auto dealerships. Your average IT service simply doesn’t understand the ins and outs of the automotive industry like we do. We know firsthand what matters in car dealerships, which is why our executive team decided to combine over 35 years’ worth of experience into a specialized IT service that exclusively serves auto dealers across the nation. Day after day, we successfully help auto dealers like you stay connected to your customers, your employees, and your daily operations. We’d like to explore just a few ways that we do that!

Dealership IT Helpdesk

We don’t need to reiterate to you the challenges of running an auto dealership — we know that those rows upon rows of cars, trucks, and SUVs aren’t going to sell themselves. That’s why when something goes awry, VTech’s Dealership IT Helpdesk can be your personal panic button. With a simple phone call, you can have a dedicated team of IT specialists assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week with services like:

  • Remote IT support
  • File and storage management
  • Server software issues
  • Diagnostics and maintenance
  • Network, equipment, and program support
  • Downtime prevention
  • And more!

We’re equipped to help you solve tech issues quickly and efficiently with as little downtime as possible so that you can land that next sale without interruption.

Network Support Services

The health and functionality of your dealership’s computer network are vital to keeping operations running smoothly. Without effective network maintenance and management, your auto dealership can be vulnerable to security breaches, compliance issues, and the risk of catastrophic data loss. When you outsource your network management to VTech, we’ll take responsibility for keeping your network going strong. Our network-certified experts will continuously monitor and manage your entire infrastructure, solving problems before they have a chance to interfere with your daily dealership operations. 

Additionally, our team will provide up-to-date infrastructure assessment reports to help you make the right investments for your dealership. We take proactive steps to prevent problems from occurring in the first place, rather than simply reacting to them when they rear their heads. What’s more, we can fully automate the entire process to reduce the impact on your dealership’s productivity. Take “network support” off of your list of personal daily responsibilities by entrusting VTech Dealer IT so you can focus on your company.

Dealership Cybersecurity

There aren’t many things more potentially damaging to your company’s reputation than a security breach that jeopardizes client information. Let us help you avoid the helpless feeling that comes when your email has been hacked, your systems go down, or your security has been compromised with our cybersecurity services! On top of offering free cybersecurity training to your employees, we also help your dealership by:

  • Preventing unauthorized access
  • Protecting client and account information
  • Implement robust network protections
  • Monitor servers, storage, and networks
  • Implement access controls for email and mobile devices
  • And more!

Office 360 Security Monitoring

On top of all of our services, we also offer Office 360 Security Monitoring, a security product that collects, aggregates, and normalizes log data to identify threat-like behavior. Quickly identify unauthorized access to cloud mailboxes, admin changes, impossible logins, mass file downloads, and brute force attacks. 

Cloud Hosting Services

Every sale that you make means that you are responsible for safeguarding the personal financial information for a client, as well as the inventory and private dealership data that goes along with those sales. It’s no longer viable to rely solely on traditional electronic desktop storage or paper hard copies in filing cabinets. With VTech’s offsite cloud hosting services, you can mitigate risks, free up space, and improve your speed and efficiency. All of your data will be securely stored offsite in our secure data center and backed up every 30 minutes — we can even host and backup your workstations in real-time!

Cloud Backup Solutions

With VTech, you’ll never have to worry about data loss from system failures or disasters. If your records and data aren’t protected or stored correctly, they can be at risk from both natural disasters or insider threats. You can count on us for speedy and complete data recovery and a vastly superior end-user experience. 

Dealership Project Management

When it comes to project management for car dealerships, there’s isn’t much that we haven’t seen. From dealership buy and sell scenarios, emergency IT response, live infrastructure remodels, to building a dealership from the ground up, we can not only serve as your IT expert consultants, but we have the dealership experience needed to give you a leg up in understanding your project demands. We can assist you with projects like: 

  • Dealership remodel
  • New dealership construction
  • Buying or selling a dealership
  • Dealership expansion
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Dealer management system (DMS) changes
  • And more!

We challenge you to put our IT project management services to the test. Let us put our skills to work for you to save you time, money, and a lot of headaches. Contact us to get started on your dealership project today!

Trust VTech Dealer IT With Your Dealership’s Needs

We believe that we can provide your auto dealership with the most comprehensive IT services on the market today. Not only do we understand information technology, but we also have unparalleled fluency in the needs and day-to-day operations of auto dealerships. Contact us today to find out how we can serve you and help you focus on running your business.