You have a target on your back. Yes, you.

Cybersecurity is the biggest threat facing businesses today. Ransomware, malware, and fines for noncompliance. Half of breach victims are small businesses, and a third of these breaches originate from an employee or other internal personnel.

Dealerships handle sensitive financial data and other personally identifiable information (PII), which makes them an attractive exploitation target for cybercriminals. 

At VTech Dealer IT, we are experts in automotive retailers and the challenges that face dealerships – because we only work with dealerships.

Our dealerships get the best customer service, tech support that isn’t a pain to use, and cutting edge services and products. This means that we bring in the experts when we need the best. 

Our partnership with SKOUT Cybersecurity means we bring in the best when it comes to sophisticated attacks that put your business at risk.

What does this look like for you?

We’ll receive notifications warning us when PCs are communicating with questionable websites or someone’s logging into the network from outside the country. We can investigate the incident and isolate it before it turns into a serious problem. 

But we go a step further and educate users who may be accessing sites they shouldn’t be about the dangers they’re putting themselves and their company in.

The biggest point of vulnerability most companies need to address is user behavior, and that requires education. 

Think about it: if you set up all these systems to protect your house – a SWAT team, video surveillance, sharks with lasers on their heads – but if someone shows up at your doorstep posing as a FedEx delivery person and you open the door, they just got around all your security.

We’re here to help. You can protect your team and your dealership with these complimentary services.

  1. A free cybersecurity training course that will remind employees of the appropriate security protocols while they work at home.
  2. A complementary dark web scan of your domain to see if any of your company credentials have been compromised at this time and what we need to do to address this.
  3. A baseline phishing simulation that allows you to see how your employees apply their knowledge and if they need any additional training.

The loss of customer data and trust can be financially devastating. Take just a little time this week to make sure your dealership is prepared. 

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