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Free Cybersecurity Training for your dealership - real world examples for real world habits.

“It didn’t seem suspicious…”
These are the last words you want to hear from an employee when you find yourself on the receiving end of phishing, ransomware, or worse. The truth is for most businesses, the individual user remains the biggest vulnerability.


“If I just hadn’t clicked…”
When the biggest vulnerability is people, your biggest protection is training. The safety of your business, your customer’s information, and your money rests on how well your employees can spot potential scams, screen emails, and avoid falling prey to common phishing methods.


“It wasn’t the biggest breach…”
Auto dealerships are real targets: Arrigo Dodge Chrysler Jeep in West Palm Beach was hit, and they spent $285,000 in new equipment costs alone.

For a business owner, every loss hurts. Due to the volume of cybercrime, the authorities are focused on the biggest and worst offenders. Fact: the FBI won’t take any cybersecurity cases under one million dollars.

We’re here to help.

Our Free Employee Cybersecurity Training will give your employees valuable knowledge and you the peace of mind that comes with a trained team.

Schedule your training today.

Why us?

If you need shoulder surgery, you don’t go to your child’s pediatrician. You go to an expert.


VTech Dealer IT is not just an IT firm, we’re a cybersecurity and MSP provider that ONLY works with automotive retailers.

We know the industry, we know your employees, and we know the threats they face.

Our training is relevant, efficient, and ensures that you’ve taken the proper steps to secure your business.

Think of it as fire insurance for your employee’s judgement - lower your risk and mitigate the impact if a breach does occur.

How it works:

1. Schedule a time with us to see if you qualify for the training.
2. We grant your employees access to the training portal.
3. Your employees take 1 hour to get better protected. Our computer-based training modules walk them through everything they need to know.

Schedule your training today.

The “fine print”

What’s the value and why is this free? Normally a training like this would go for $2,877 but we’re offering it FREE, exclusively to dealerships like yours for two simple reasons.

First, you need this training. We see the aftermath of cybercrime on poorly-protected dealerships every day and we want to help. The car industry is our industry and we take these attacks personally.

Second, we want to talk to you. You’re in sales, so are we. We know that we need to talk to you in order to win your business. But we know that the value of our expertise speaks for itself.

We’re not trying to sneak something past you and this isn't some sales-seminar dressed up as a training. This is your opportunity to see what it looks like when you work with an expert IT provider who focuses exclusively in your industry. It’s a test drive for us and at the end of the day, leaves your business stronger and more secure.

Schedule your training today.
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