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IT HELPDESK | remote support

Your business depends on your ability to use your computers and access the internet. Without one or the other, you're dead in the water. All it takes is a few minutes for a customer to change their mind and walk out the door. You need to be able to close a deal as efficiently as possible.

A slow computer or network can put a damper on the customer experience. Are your computers up to date? Are your PCs being scanned for malware or viruses regularly? Are your hard drives being checked for mechanical failure? Are you still using mechanical HDDs?

These are a few issues that can impact the rate of speed at which your employees can serve customers and close deals. Customers will grow impatient and start looking for the door.

NETWORK support

Your network is the backbone of your operation from a technical aspect. A slow network is worse than a slow computer. A slow network affects your entire dealer, even if you have a high-performance PC workstation at every desk.

Like a slow computer, this can crudely impact your customer experience. Your DMS, CRM, Parts Catalogs and printers can be affected. Your internet will be significantly slower as well. Imagine all of the lost time due to waiting for screens to load. This adds up fast. The larger your operation is, the worse it gets.

VTech employs highly skilled Network Engineers that specialize in optimizing your dealer's network to operate at peak efficiency.


Cybersecurity Compliance, it's required and essential. Your dealership is a prime target for hackers. Most dealers are out of date when it comes to cybersecurity and technology, making them more susceptible than ever.

Don't leave yourself open to cyberattacks. Your customer's data is at stake. This can ruin your reputation and leave a stain that is difficult to get out.

Ransomeware attacks are also a real issue in the dealership world. These are viruses that will encrypt all of your files, including any files on your network. All of your files are now being held hostage until you pay a ransom using untraceable cryptocurrency. This can cost you hundreds of thousands.

We offer protection and training on how to spot attacks and limit the possibility of this happening to you.

Get a Free IT Assessment

We make IT easy for you. Just fill out the form and you're on your way to a free assessment of your IT infrastructure. There are no strings attached.


You'd never know you needed cloud hosting until a disaster, hardware failure or cyberattack were to set you back... especially if all of your eggs are in one basket. Redundancy and backups can save you from the unthinkable.

It can happen at any time, and if you're not prepared, you can suffer substantial losses. Years of hard work simply vanishing into thin air. How do you recover from that? How much will it cost? Can you even recover from such a loss?

With multiple sites securely hosting your data, you can be sure your sensitive information will be safe from Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods, and Fires.
Don't waste any time.


Are you running backups of your crucial data? If not, you should be. A ransomware attack can stop your business in its tracks. Even a disgruntled employee with access can wipe out your data or their data to cover their tracks. It happens.

How do you recover lost data and not have to start all over from scratch? Easy. Run off-site incremental backups of your file servers and eliminate the worry. Combining cloud hosting and off-site backups will provide you an extra layer of protection from unforeseen attacks and disasters.

You must put measures in place to soften the blow to these kinds of scenarios. Our understanding of dealerships and the way you operate set us apart from the rest.

Let us guide you.

it project management

Do you have a new technical project, but don't understand it fully? Are you building a new dealer and need help determining how many drops you need per office? What about how many access points per square foot? What kind of network switches. What PCs are compatible with your DMS? Can you get something less expensive that will do the same thing?

These are just a few of the things we can help you determine so you can focus on more important things. Don't make the mistake of purchasing hardware that will bottleneck your productivity.

Building dealerships from the ground up can be both exciting and stressful. With VTech dealer IT at your side, we can help by relieving you of confusion when it comes to technical jargon, specifications, and compliance.


VTech offers packages tailored to your dealership's needs. There's no one size fits all approach. We offer a free IT Assessment to see where you need help and put together a unique package for you. If you don't need it, we don't add it.

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