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How IT Works

"What does an IT company even do?" This is a common question we get from dealer principals. The follow-up questions are usually: "Why do we need you?" and "What do we get if we work with you?"

If your organization hasn't worked with a professional information technology (IT) company before, you may not know how it works when hiring an IT provider for dealerships. Here's a typical scenario for dealerships: It’s Saturday, and the internet goes down. They’re scrambling to call the owner or the IT guy to:

Option 1: A single IT person or parts manager who knows computers, who then will scramble around trying to find anyone who can help, maybe even calling the owner. If there’s a guy that handles IT, he has to drive over to help – but he might be unavailable or out of town. You have to figure out where the issue is coming from – the equipment, or the ISP, or the firewall. You have no idea when it will be fixed.

Option 2: With VTech Dealer IT, you call the helpdesk, we determine where the issue is, and start taking action to fix it immediately. You’ll get continuous updates on when it will be fixed and you know it’s getting handled. You go back to doing your job while we do ours — getting your services back in action.

PS. How long does it take to reach our helpdesk? We answer calls immediately. So the real question is — how fast can you dial?

What does it mean to have an IT service provider?

Your business, equipment, and network will be continuously up-to-date and performing flawlessly. We are on call in case of any issue or emergency. Your staff gets remote support and a helpdesk, so they don't have to waste time trying to fix it themselves. Your risk for hacking is greatly reduced - and unfortunately, dealerships are major targets.

What do we do for your dealerships?

We'll fix the network, replace routers, upgrade equipment if needed, get things moving instead of being slow and frustrating. Your tech will all just work, without the headaches and slowness or crashing. All data will be protected and backed up. We will be on-call, 24/7 starting immediately.

Why do I need IT? Isn’t it expensive? Are you going to make my problems worse?

In today’s modern dealership, IT is the invisible glue that keeps the machine running. It is simply essential to have good IT infrastructure, and we see dealerships that take it seriously able to sell more cars and avoid hours/days/weeks of friction.

If you’re not keeping up with security best practices, you’re in trouble. If you don’t know where the state of your IT is, you’re in trouble. (We offer a free assessment to report on the state of your setup).

How expensive is it to be unable to sell cars for a day? Or a week? In a dealership, time is critical. Any time lost means time not selling cars. You can’t wait hours or days to get things back up.

We charge a flat rate per person, that dealerships as small as a single rooftop can afford.

Why should I go with you instead of some other company or an individual?

An IT company like VTech is highly trained and can be everywhere at once – what happens when your IT guy is on vacation or sick, and the server crashes? If your IT guy hasn’t taken a vacation in 2 years, something is seriously wrong.

Wait, we can really call you any time?

Yes - at VTech Dealer IT, we take customer service seriously. If it's above and beyond an everyday issue, you can reach CEO John Acosta directly on his cell phone.

You're in the business of selling cars, not fighting with IT. Let us handle it.

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